Thursday, August 9, 2012

True Success!

Some quick updates:
I have dropped down a size to 18/20 in my jeans since starting Plexus Slim at the end of June/beginning of July 2012. I was wearing a 22/24.

My husband, Aaron, started taking Plexus Slim and lost 6 pounds in the first 3 days. Awesome! Since he only has 30 pounds to loose to reach his goal weight, I foresee him arriving there in plenty of time for a new Christmas wardrobe. This is exciting stuff. Stepping on the scale and trying on clothing from the back of my closet is now like Christmas morning.

Now to the meat of this post:

My sister Kristy first heard about Plexus Slim from her sister-in-law Rachel. Rachel has lost a total of 100 pounds. The first 20 she lost the old fashioned way. She was introduced to Plexus Slim by a man named David. Since starting Plexus Slim in March she has lost 80 more pounds. It hasn't even been a year and she is 100 pounds down and she looks amazing. Goodness.

David Carter introduced Plexus Slim to Rachel, my sister's sister-in-law. Rachel told Kristy, my sister about it. My sister Kristy told me about Plexus Slim because I was devastated to find out that my insurance would not cover any type of weight loss surgery. I had tried a million other "healthy" diet plans out there and none were sustainable for me so I had given up. On the day that I found out that, even though I qualified for the surgery, my insurance wouldn't pay for it I sat in my car for about 30 minutes in the parking lot of the doctor's office sobbing. I was feeling lower than low. I texted my sister to let her know I couldn't have the surgery. She mentioned after a little while of calming me down that she really wished I would try Plexus because it worked just as well as the surgery without all of the risk. I was very doubtful. However, the fact that my mother and father were trying it and finding success spoke volumes to me. So I tried the 3 day trial and sure enough I am sold on the product. I also did a ton of research on the product and any possible side effects or risks. This is a solid product that works.

However, don't just take it from me.... read David's update and you will see. Today, David shared a wonderful update about his overall health and talked about successes other than just weight loss! I have to share this success story because it's exactly what is great about Plexus Slim. I am selling this because I believe in it and think it's an amazing product. This product can be life changing for you even if you aren't overweight. This isn't just about loosing weight or inches or fitting into a smaller size... even though that is nice (I say as I sit here in my size 18/20 jeans instead of 22/24). There are many more testimonies out there just like this one for Plexus Slim. Give it a try... it might just save/change your life.

"Just wanted to share the side benefit of losing weight with Plexus: Received my blood work results today from the doctor and she is amazed that I have improved them all with no numbers are not only good ...they are way good!!! She even gave me a high five and said I am doing what 98% of her patients refuse to do! All of my numbers are showing that my system is not working itself so hard to keep up...she said you are now in a much younger body and not aging yourself so fast and not destroying your organs as you were before...people need to understand this....I could fall over tomorrow, but I know now that I am living better and being more respectful to 
this body that God has given me while I am here.

I will be the first to say it...Thank you Plexus for allowing me to get started, to get here, and to learn to break from over 30 years of habits and comforts that me and my family bred into me...things can change people...and for the better....if I can help you get there too it will be my honor....I sat at a table of 30+ the other day and almost all of them are losing weight and getting healthy with the help of Plexus and someone said "you are resposible for everyone in this room knowing about this and getting healthier and happier for their families"...I gotz to made me feel good....
I know I am an Ambassador for this product...that is not what this is about...I don't care who you get it from, just try it and see what I is real and own sedetary mother who is a diabetic said she is getting bloodwork tomorrow and excited to see the difference...she, who hardly leaves her chair in front of the TV and still eats the bad food my dad makes or picks up from the store told me she weighed today and is down almost 20lbs!!! I can't wait to see her results too! is my before and after...this is a 50lb change...
If I can do this....believe me...we ALL can!! Moving Forward :)"

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Feeling Good!

So I haven't posted in a few days because I was feeling a little frustrated. I cannot get that scale to dip past 250 and I was starting to feel like nothing was happening with my weight loss...

However this morning i noticed a significant change in my mid section. I weighed -hoping that I would finally see the magical 240's. I haven't seen that number in years and I'm dying to see it. Unfortunately I found myself still stuck at 250.

I decided to go ahead and measure because I feel lighter and I look lighter....

... and i got the best news! I have lost 3 inches around my mid section! I didn't measure anything else because I was running late for church.

I was so relieved to see that I wasn't just imagining weight loss!!! It's real and it's measurable.

My clothes are starting to become baggy and I am thinking that in a short time I will be dropping down to an 18/20 with the way the inches are melting away.

This is the beauty of plexus slim! I have not changed much. I am consuming less because my appetite is suppressed. I am eating less sugar and drinking less soda because my sugar cravings are down. Both of these changes are bi-products of taking plexus slim. As well I am no longer feeling ill every time I eat as I did often before plexus. I have more energy and have even gone for a few walks this month. All of this would normally not equal an 8 pound weight loss and 3 inches of belly fat melted away in just 1 month. The plexus slim is working!

Not to mention that my dad's sugar levels are staying around 120 on plexus slim and my mom has lost 11 pounds and 2 pant sizes in just 6 weeks!
I just ordered some 3 day trial packs that will be in by the middle of the week. Would you like a free trial???

You have absolutely NOTHING to loose except for inches and pounds. Give it a chance... Message me on fb or leave a comment here and I will arrange to mail you a free sample.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Almost 2 miles!

I use the app Map My Walk to track my progress.

The picture of the deer is just one example of the beautiful views on my walk.


Go to favorites...breakfast and lunch combines when you wake up at 3:45 in the afternoon... Goodness!

Friday, July 27, 2012

A shuffle step backwards but a full step forward...

Eating out at restaurants is not really a part of my weight issues... Restaurants are way too expensive and are never really in our budget. Also, something about the way restaurant food is prepared usually leaves me happy for only a few minutes and then quickly sicker than a dog for longer than it took me to eat the food.

However, tonight my in-laws have our child for the night and my husband felt ill so we decided just to pick up tortilla soup and other such Mexican fare.

It's hard to find a decent reasonable calorie dinner at a Mexican restaurant.
Even the taco salad is laden with greasy thigh plumpers, belly droopers and butt shifters.

So obviously I didn't do great tonight... I don't have the will power to just pick up dinner for Aaron and go home to my Cous Cous. Maybe if this was the first or second time I had sacrificed my sanity to loose weight then I could stand up to the restaurant monster but I am so over this game and just want to form habits that are reasonable and long term. No one can abstain from tex mex forever.

So I am reasonably proud of my choices tonight. They felt like very moderate choices. I got tortilla soup (Maria's has tortilla soup that is divine...shredded white chicken meat, huge fresh veggies like avocado, carrots and peppers, a thin broth without any of the cream added.)

I SKIPPED the queso, salsa and chips! That is a victory for me...

I ordered shredded chicken rolled in tortillas and served with a side of guacamole and sour cream. So not a great choice but considering that I normally eat the deep fried burrito covered in creamy cheese sauce and dipped in sour cream I think that I have achieved a reasonable, sustainable balance tonight. I'm proud of myself. I did find however that apparently Maria's is immune to my stomach ache controlling miracle that is plexus slim because even with my healthier choices... That food said "see ya-wouldn't wanna be ya" to my stomach within 30 minutes. So Maria's I have said it before and I will say it again ... I think we should go our separate ways. Really it's not you... It's my stomach. It hates you- nothing personal.

To count calories or not ... That is my burning question

So, if you have been around me for the past <idk> 5 or so years you will know that one of my biggest struggles with loosing weight is becoming overly obsessed with counting calories, exercising, etc. 

For you that might be fine and healthy but for me it is not. It's why I haven't lost or gained weight over the past 5 years because that kind of obsessive (and yes I mean OBSESSIVE) focus is not a healthy path for me. So upon my doctor's instructions, I have been trying to just listen to my body's signals and stop eating when full and avoid the foods that make me sick (except that it's almost every food- so at this point- stomach aches are the new normal). It has worked out okay for maintaining my weight.

I know... some of you are screaming "COP OUT!!!!" 
It sure sounds that way and I don't blame you. That is probably what I would say if I were skinny and able to sit a place of judgement over a fat person, or an alcoholic, or a drug user or any person with an addiction that altered their appearance in a negative way and would most likely shorten their lives. 

However, I was really just biding my time until I could get weight loss surgery. That's what I came to realize at least when I found out my insurance wouldn't cover anything related to weight loss (idiots). I realized that I cannot just sit back and be a fat person for the next 50 years. GOD PLEASE!!!!!!! Don't let that be my fate...

So the question is, how far is too far? Is there moderation in loosing weight? 
I am hoping to achieve this via Plexus Slim. I know that just by drinking the drink and taking the accelerator pill in the morning that I will continue to lose inches and pounds even if I do nothing else because the P.S. is helping me suppress my appetite and control my cravings for sugar. However, if I just do the minimum, I will lose weight at a much slower rate than if I were to actually put some effort into the process. 

For example:
The first 2 weeks I was on Plexus Slim, I went for 1 walk and 1 swim. I tracked my calories for most of the 2 weeks and tried to stay within a range of 1800 calories. I lost 8 pounds. It was very easy and painless.
The second 2 weeks I was on Plexus Slim I went out of town twice and ate whatever I wanted (just less than normal due to Plexus Slim aiding in suppressing my appetite). I didn't gain and I didn't lose.

So now I am back to trying to put a bit of effort into the process because I would love to lose more weight before I go back to work (I'm a teacher) on August 20th. I like the fact that with Plexus Slim, if I do choose to take a break from the focused effort to lose weight, I can do so without worrying about gaining back everything that I have lost. That helps me keep up with that moderation mind set. As well, even when I was putting more effort into the process during the first 2 weeks, I wasn't jumping into obsessive land. 1 mile of walking in 2 weeks is not working out at the gym 3 times a day and running a race every weekend. I am not even close to slipping into old habits that I can't maintain. 

So my question is... do I track calories or not? I guess my answer to myself is this... track those calories. It's okay to know what you are putting into your body on an overall basis... it's not okay to weigh every ounce of everything you put into your mouth. See, I do understand moderation... really I do. 

So I am using this great app called "my net diary (pro)". It's awesome.. you can scan bar codes of the food packages you are eating and it will pull up that food. It's makes tracking calories very easy. You can also track exercise and weight loss. 

I am also reverting to some fail safe tricks that I learned in my many years of weight loss. Last night I posted about Cous Cous! Great stuff.... very low cal and fills you up. 

Today I ate another fail safe for breakfast. It's a bagel with cream cheese and canadian bacon. It's very yummy and because canadian bacon is such a low cal food it keeps the calories down even though I am eating it with higher calorie products such as the bagel and cream cheese. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a slice of tomato. I can't believe I forgot tomato!!!! It's a very filling meal and has some protein and dairy mixed in. I included screen shots of my net diary with breakfast calculated along with a picture of my breakfast sandwich for your viewing pleasure. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Manna from Heaven

I love Cous Cous with cranberries. It's low cal, low fat and oh so filling!
Almost like fresh fruit but a lot cheaper.

Fatty McKatty says "no ice cream for you!"

So I'm not at all hungry but I'm thinking "ice cream sure sounds good..."

Yeah... Kitty disagreed. Right as I was going to lazily exit my recliner my big old fatty mckatty jumped up and got in my face. I think he was saying, "Hey Fatty, there is only room for one plus sized sexy beast in this family and that beast is me. So back off the ice cream thunder thighs!" ...or maybe he just wanted extra lovins... Who knows? Either way, between the 200 lb cat on my chest and the plexus slim working it's magic I decided that I really didn't want the ice cream anyhow. Score 1 for thunder thighs!
Check out fatty McKatty giving me the "back off the ice cream" stink eye.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The results of month 1 are in!!!

Starting Weight as of June 30, 2012

Weight as of July 25, 2012

Would you like to give Plexus a try for free?

Do you want to join me and loose weight as well? If you are happy with your weight would you like to control your sugars or gain energy?

If you would like to try a 3 day trial just comment on this blog or message me on facebook or contact me at I will send a free trial pack your way. If you like it and you want to order a month supply it will cost you around 130 for 1 month. If you become a preferred member (the best and cheapest option) you will pay around 115 each month. You can cancel your preferred membership at any time and you can return the product for a refund if you don't feel like it's working out the way you expected. You have nothing to loose but the weight and the fatigue. Check out the product details at

If you think you might commit to a month, your best bet is to skip the free trial and go straight to the preferred member status because I promise that once you start the free trial you won't want to wait the 5 days for shipping to receive your first month. You will want to take off down your new path without a gap in the program. Trust me that it is easy to cancel any future orders and you will get it at the cheapest price possible.

So far after a month of trying this product, I have not experienced any ill side effects. The benefits of my improved digestion, controlled appetite, extra energy and decreased dependency on diet coke have been  amazing... oh yeah and I lost weight and inches! Check out the next post for the pictures that show a slight difference in my tummy region after 1 month of Plexus Slim.

The Plexus weight loss journey begins...

So here is where my newest chapter begins. In a week I will start my second month of Plexus Slim. I am about to see my weight in the 240 range which is a number I haven't seen in 5 years. If I continue to just drink the drink every morning and take 1 small pill, I will continue to loose small amounts of weight and I would not be surprised if I am at my goal weight by this time next year. If I actually were to try to limit my calories to around 1800 and/or take a 1 or 2 mile walk everyday or even every other day, I will loose it much faster with the aide of Plexus Slim.

I hope you will join me on this newest journey. You can cheer me on, revel in the fact that you are skinny, or join me in trying out Plexus Slim so that you can have more energy or maybe you will start to loose weight along side me with Plexus Slim in your corner. I will promise this: I am honest. You will know my successes and my low moments. I will be honest about side effects if I come across any. Let me know if you want a free trial of Plexus Slim for 3 days before taking the plunge.

I'm done crying over spilled milk...

So, now that my gastric bypass dreams have been dashed... what next?
(Other than crying in my car outside of the doctor's office or lying in bed feeling sorry for my own fat self)

My sister suggested I try a product called "Plexus Slim".
Her sister-in-law had started using Plexus Slim and had remarkable results. (Honestly I thought she had gastric bypass because the results and speed of weight loss were that dramatic) My nephew tried it and saw some quick results which was cool. However, what peaked my interest was that my Dad started Plexus Slim. My Dad has type 2 diabetes. His blood sugars run around 230 usually. After starting Plexus Slim his blood sugars came down to around an average of 130. That caught my attention because even though my blood sugars are stable for now I can't help but wonder if my digestive issues are caused by pre-diabetic issues. My sister already has a gorgeous figure but she went ahead and tried it and found that she had an abundance of energy when she drank "the pink drink" which was something she really needed with 3 kids and her own Psychotherapy practice. Then my mother got on board. My mother spent her younger years trying fad diets. Because of her history with the yo-yo dieting and fad diets, she does not normally try weight loss programs. I told my sister, if Mom can find success on this product then I will try it..
Sure enough Mom started to loose inches and see a gap in her pants. So I decided to try it. I said I would give it a month. I was 266 when I went to the weight loss doctor (and was told that my insurance wouldn't pay for gastric bypass- a serious low point for me) a week before I started Plexus Slim. I didn't weigh myself for the first 2 days that I was on the Plexus Slim trial because I really thought it wouldn't do anything for me.

After the second day on it I decided to weigh myself to get a starting weight. I was 258.5. I took measurements and pictures of my starting weight. Within 2 weeks I was down to 250.5. During that time, I drank the Plexus Slim drink in the morning (the drink tastes like crystal light) and took the Accelerator pill (1 small gel cap) after breakfast. That's it. I walked 1 mile on 1 day. I found it was easy to cut down on my intake of food but I didn't allow myself to go to extremes. I stopped craving sugar as much and my taste for diet coke was diminished. I went from approximately 8 diet cokes a day to between 2-3 a day. If this is going to work long term it has to be natural for me. I cannot give in to the anorexic/bullemic mentality of my past so I did not push myself at all beyond natural inclinations. I had more energy... my house, laundry, dishes... all are taken care of. I usually struggle with feeling like a slug.

I had hoped for more weight loss like that over the next 2 weeks but I went on vacation several times and found myself eating a lot of restaurant food. I didn't loose anymore weight but I also didn't gain. Here is the biggest thing that happened though... I stopped becoming sick every time I ate. That's HUGE! I would use this product just to regulate my digestive system and control my sugar cravings.... weight loss or not. So many times on our vacation my husband said, "uh oh, that's gonna make you sick" and every time I was able to hold onto my food. It's a new found freedom for me not to have to constantly be aware of the nearest bathroom.

The history of the fabulous Fatty...

My teenage years were strong, lean years. I was an athlete and worked out due to my sports. I was between 120 and 135 all through my teen years. I became fat when I went to college. I am 5'7". I weighed 150 when I arrived at college. My highest weight in college was around 190. I lost weight at the end of college for my wedding by following Jenny Craig. I went from 190 to 165. I gained that all back in my first years of marriage plus some to reach a beautiful weight of 220. Then I lost again right before getting pregnant by following Weight Watchers online and using a personal trainer- all the way down to around 170. During this time period my obsession with exercise began to enter anorexia land. My pregnancy landed me at my highest weight of 250. I lost again after I had my daughter. I went from 250 to 185 by going to Weight Watchers meetings and running races. Again, anorexic tendencies of starving myself and exercising at an obsessive rate started to battle with moments of binge eating and purging. Eventually I self destructed and ended up at my highest weight of 266. For 5 year, I have stayed within the same 10 pounds. My highest of that range being 266 and my lowest of the range being 255. I have some sort of issue digesting the food I consume because I become physically ill after almost every meal... specifically when I eat dairy, sugar, carbs, anything made in grease, anything saturated with fat, etc. I don't know why... my doctor doesn't know why. I have had all of the blood tests. My levels are perfect. My blood pressure is good. I am healthy as a horse and I weigh as much as one too. Food is a very painful issue for me and it tends to make me angry. 

So why am I trying to loose weight this time? I had planned to have Gastric Bypass. I know some people who have done it and the results are remarkable. I didn't realize how much stock I was putting into a future after gastric bypass until it was no longer an option. My insurance won't cover anything weight related. My husband's insurance won't either. I was devastated. 

Oh, the things that people feel they can say to me...

Here are my most favorite comments from people about my weight:

Maybe if you would just drink more water...
You should eat fish...
Just go for a walk everyday...
Just cut down your portions...
Try cutting out gluten... 
Try cutting out carbs...
Try cutting out sugar...
Give up the diet cokes...
Don't eat after 7...
Don't eat after 5...
Eat raw food...
Eat organic...
Eat lots of colors..
and the list goes on and on and on.

Listen- I appreciate that people care about how fat I am. Really I do... because you know... it's normal to walk up to an alcoholic and offer unsolicited advice such as  "... maybe if you just tried cutting out beer" or "drink 1 less drink a day" or anyone else with any other addiction and offer up easy solutions. Obviously it wouldn't be an addiction if there were a simple solution.

Friday, July 13, 2012

I know... Hot Stuff right? Who's with me?

Here I am in all of my glory. I am trying once again to loose weight. This is tough. I have been here so many times, lost the weight, posted pictures, felt proud, felt good, gained the weight back. I swore I was done... I would just be fine being fat. However, you never are really "fine" with being fat. At least... I'm not. I hate it. I hate the way I look and feel. I hate the fact that there never seems to be enough personal space between my fat layers and other people. I hate the fact that I feel like less of a woman because I "don't take care of my appearance". I hate the fact that I have to crop pictures or only take pictures of my face so that no one really sees how fat I am on facebook. Well, guess what? The cat is out of the bag. I am FAT. As the doctors put it I am morbidly obese. I am at a high risk for diabetes. I am at a risk for heart disease. I have to shop at the fat girl store. I hate every second of being fat.