Sunday, August 5, 2012

Feeling Good!

So I haven't posted in a few days because I was feeling a little frustrated. I cannot get that scale to dip past 250 and I was starting to feel like nothing was happening with my weight loss...

However this morning i noticed a significant change in my mid section. I weighed -hoping that I would finally see the magical 240's. I haven't seen that number in years and I'm dying to see it. Unfortunately I found myself still stuck at 250.

I decided to go ahead and measure because I feel lighter and I look lighter....

... and i got the best news! I have lost 3 inches around my mid section! I didn't measure anything else because I was running late for church.

I was so relieved to see that I wasn't just imagining weight loss!!! It's real and it's measurable.

My clothes are starting to become baggy and I am thinking that in a short time I will be dropping down to an 18/20 with the way the inches are melting away.

This is the beauty of plexus slim! I have not changed much. I am consuming less because my appetite is suppressed. I am eating less sugar and drinking less soda because my sugar cravings are down. Both of these changes are bi-products of taking plexus slim. As well I am no longer feeling ill every time I eat as I did often before plexus. I have more energy and have even gone for a few walks this month. All of this would normally not equal an 8 pound weight loss and 3 inches of belly fat melted away in just 1 month. The plexus slim is working!

Not to mention that my dad's sugar levels are staying around 120 on plexus slim and my mom has lost 11 pounds and 2 pant sizes in just 6 weeks!
I just ordered some 3 day trial packs that will be in by the middle of the week. Would you like a free trial???

You have absolutely NOTHING to loose except for inches and pounds. Give it a chance... Message me on fb or leave a comment here and I will arrange to mail you a free sample.

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