Thursday, August 9, 2012

True Success!

Some quick updates:
I have dropped down a size to 18/20 in my jeans since starting Plexus Slim at the end of June/beginning of July 2012. I was wearing a 22/24.

My husband, Aaron, started taking Plexus Slim and lost 6 pounds in the first 3 days. Awesome! Since he only has 30 pounds to loose to reach his goal weight, I foresee him arriving there in plenty of time for a new Christmas wardrobe. This is exciting stuff. Stepping on the scale and trying on clothing from the back of my closet is now like Christmas morning.

Now to the meat of this post:

My sister Kristy first heard about Plexus Slim from her sister-in-law Rachel. Rachel has lost a total of 100 pounds. The first 20 she lost the old fashioned way. She was introduced to Plexus Slim by a man named David. Since starting Plexus Slim in March she has lost 80 more pounds. It hasn't even been a year and she is 100 pounds down and she looks amazing. Goodness.

David Carter introduced Plexus Slim to Rachel, my sister's sister-in-law. Rachel told Kristy, my sister about it. My sister Kristy told me about Plexus Slim because I was devastated to find out that my insurance would not cover any type of weight loss surgery. I had tried a million other "healthy" diet plans out there and none were sustainable for me so I had given up. On the day that I found out that, even though I qualified for the surgery, my insurance wouldn't pay for it I sat in my car for about 30 minutes in the parking lot of the doctor's office sobbing. I was feeling lower than low. I texted my sister to let her know I couldn't have the surgery. She mentioned after a little while of calming me down that she really wished I would try Plexus because it worked just as well as the surgery without all of the risk. I was very doubtful. However, the fact that my mother and father were trying it and finding success spoke volumes to me. So I tried the 3 day trial and sure enough I am sold on the product. I also did a ton of research on the product and any possible side effects or risks. This is a solid product that works.

However, don't just take it from me.... read David's update and you will see. Today, David shared a wonderful update about his overall health and talked about successes other than just weight loss! I have to share this success story because it's exactly what is great about Plexus Slim. I am selling this because I believe in it and think it's an amazing product. This product can be life changing for you even if you aren't overweight. This isn't just about loosing weight or inches or fitting into a smaller size... even though that is nice (I say as I sit here in my size 18/20 jeans instead of 22/24). There are many more testimonies out there just like this one for Plexus Slim. Give it a try... it might just save/change your life.

"Just wanted to share the side benefit of losing weight with Plexus: Received my blood work results today from the doctor and she is amazed that I have improved them all with no numbers are not only good ...they are way good!!! She even gave me a high five and said I am doing what 98% of her patients refuse to do! All of my numbers are showing that my system is not working itself so hard to keep up...she said you are now in a much younger body and not aging yourself so fast and not destroying your organs as you were before...people need to understand this....I could fall over tomorrow, but I know now that I am living better and being more respectful to 
this body that God has given me while I am here.

I will be the first to say it...Thank you Plexus for allowing me to get started, to get here, and to learn to break from over 30 years of habits and comforts that me and my family bred into me...things can change people...and for the better....if I can help you get there too it will be my honor....I sat at a table of 30+ the other day and almost all of them are losing weight and getting healthy with the help of Plexus and someone said "you are resposible for everyone in this room knowing about this and getting healthier and happier for their families"...I gotz to made me feel good....
I know I am an Ambassador for this product...that is not what this is about...I don't care who you get it from, just try it and see what I is real and own sedetary mother who is a diabetic said she is getting bloodwork tomorrow and excited to see the difference...she, who hardly leaves her chair in front of the TV and still eats the bad food my dad makes or picks up from the store told me she weighed today and is down almost 20lbs!!! I can't wait to see her results too! is my before and after...this is a 50lb change...
If I can do this....believe me...we ALL can!! Moving Forward :)"

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