Friday, July 27, 2012

A shuffle step backwards but a full step forward...

Eating out at restaurants is not really a part of my weight issues... Restaurants are way too expensive and are never really in our budget. Also, something about the way restaurant food is prepared usually leaves me happy for only a few minutes and then quickly sicker than a dog for longer than it took me to eat the food.

However, tonight my in-laws have our child for the night and my husband felt ill so we decided just to pick up tortilla soup and other such Mexican fare.

It's hard to find a decent reasonable calorie dinner at a Mexican restaurant.
Even the taco salad is laden with greasy thigh plumpers, belly droopers and butt shifters.

So obviously I didn't do great tonight... I don't have the will power to just pick up dinner for Aaron and go home to my Cous Cous. Maybe if this was the first or second time I had sacrificed my sanity to loose weight then I could stand up to the restaurant monster but I am so over this game and just want to form habits that are reasonable and long term. No one can abstain from tex mex forever.

So I am reasonably proud of my choices tonight. They felt like very moderate choices. I got tortilla soup (Maria's has tortilla soup that is divine...shredded white chicken meat, huge fresh veggies like avocado, carrots and peppers, a thin broth without any of the cream added.)

I SKIPPED the queso, salsa and chips! That is a victory for me...

I ordered shredded chicken rolled in tortillas and served with a side of guacamole and sour cream. So not a great choice but considering that I normally eat the deep fried burrito covered in creamy cheese sauce and dipped in sour cream I think that I have achieved a reasonable, sustainable balance tonight. I'm proud of myself. I did find however that apparently Maria's is immune to my stomach ache controlling miracle that is plexus slim because even with my healthier choices... That food said "see ya-wouldn't wanna be ya" to my stomach within 30 minutes. So Maria's I have said it before and I will say it again ... I think we should go our separate ways. Really it's not you... It's my stomach. It hates you- nothing personal.