Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm done crying over spilled milk...

So, now that my gastric bypass dreams have been dashed... what next?
(Other than crying in my car outside of the doctor's office or lying in bed feeling sorry for my own fat self)

My sister suggested I try a product called "Plexus Slim".
Her sister-in-law had started using Plexus Slim and had remarkable results. (Honestly I thought she had gastric bypass because the results and speed of weight loss were that dramatic) My nephew tried it and saw some quick results which was cool. However, what peaked my interest was that my Dad started Plexus Slim. My Dad has type 2 diabetes. His blood sugars run around 230 usually. After starting Plexus Slim his blood sugars came down to around an average of 130. That caught my attention because even though my blood sugars are stable for now I can't help but wonder if my digestive issues are caused by pre-diabetic issues. My sister already has a gorgeous figure but she went ahead and tried it and found that she had an abundance of energy when she drank "the pink drink" which was something she really needed with 3 kids and her own Psychotherapy practice. Then my mother got on board. My mother spent her younger years trying fad diets. Because of her history with the yo-yo dieting and fad diets, she does not normally try weight loss programs. I told my sister, if Mom can find success on this product then I will try it..
Sure enough Mom started to loose inches and see a gap in her pants. So I decided to try it. I said I would give it a month. I was 266 when I went to the weight loss doctor (and was told that my insurance wouldn't pay for gastric bypass- a serious low point for me) a week before I started Plexus Slim. I didn't weigh myself for the first 2 days that I was on the Plexus Slim trial because I really thought it wouldn't do anything for me.

After the second day on it I decided to weigh myself to get a starting weight. I was 258.5. I took measurements and pictures of my starting weight. Within 2 weeks I was down to 250.5. During that time, I drank the Plexus Slim drink in the morning (the drink tastes like crystal light) and took the Accelerator pill (1 small gel cap) after breakfast. That's it. I walked 1 mile on 1 day. I found it was easy to cut down on my intake of food but I didn't allow myself to go to extremes. I stopped craving sugar as much and my taste for diet coke was diminished. I went from approximately 8 diet cokes a day to between 2-3 a day. If this is going to work long term it has to be natural for me. I cannot give in to the anorexic/bullemic mentality of my past so I did not push myself at all beyond natural inclinations. I had more energy... my house, laundry, dishes... all are taken care of. I usually struggle with feeling like a slug.

I had hoped for more weight loss like that over the next 2 weeks but I went on vacation several times and found myself eating a lot of restaurant food. I didn't loose anymore weight but I also didn't gain. Here is the biggest thing that happened though... I stopped becoming sick every time I ate. That's HUGE! I would use this product just to regulate my digestive system and control my sugar cravings.... weight loss or not. So many times on our vacation my husband said, "uh oh, that's gonna make you sick" and every time I was able to hold onto my food. It's a new found freedom for me not to have to constantly be aware of the nearest bathroom.

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