Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The history of the fabulous Fatty...

My teenage years were strong, lean years. I was an athlete and worked out due to my sports. I was between 120 and 135 all through my teen years. I became fat when I went to college. I am 5'7". I weighed 150 when I arrived at college. My highest weight in college was around 190. I lost weight at the end of college for my wedding by following Jenny Craig. I went from 190 to 165. I gained that all back in my first years of marriage plus some to reach a beautiful weight of 220. Then I lost again right before getting pregnant by following Weight Watchers online and using a personal trainer- all the way down to around 170. During this time period my obsession with exercise began to enter anorexia land. My pregnancy landed me at my highest weight of 250. I lost again after I had my daughter. I went from 250 to 185 by going to Weight Watchers meetings and running races. Again, anorexic tendencies of starving myself and exercising at an obsessive rate started to battle with moments of binge eating and purging. Eventually I self destructed and ended up at my highest weight of 266. For 5 year, I have stayed within the same 10 pounds. My highest of that range being 266 and my lowest of the range being 255. I have some sort of issue digesting the food I consume because I become physically ill after almost every meal... specifically when I eat dairy, sugar, carbs, anything made in grease, anything saturated with fat, etc. I don't know why... my doctor doesn't know why. I have had all of the blood tests. My levels are perfect. My blood pressure is good. I am healthy as a horse and I weigh as much as one too. Food is a very painful issue for me and it tends to make me angry. 

So why am I trying to loose weight this time? I had planned to have Gastric Bypass. I know some people who have done it and the results are remarkable. I didn't realize how much stock I was putting into a future after gastric bypass until it was no longer an option. My insurance won't cover anything weight related. My husband's insurance won't either. I was devastated. 

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