Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Would you like to give Plexus a try for free?

Do you want to join me and loose weight as well? If you are happy with your weight would you like to control your sugars or gain energy?

If you would like to try a 3 day trial just comment on this blog or message me on facebook or contact me at I will send a free trial pack your way. If you like it and you want to order a month supply it will cost you around 130 for 1 month. If you become a preferred member (the best and cheapest option) you will pay around 115 each month. You can cancel your preferred membership at any time and you can return the product for a refund if you don't feel like it's working out the way you expected. You have nothing to loose but the weight and the fatigue. Check out the product details at

If you think you might commit to a month, your best bet is to skip the free trial and go straight to the preferred member status because I promise that once you start the free trial you won't want to wait the 5 days for shipping to receive your first month. You will want to take off down your new path without a gap in the program. Trust me that it is easy to cancel any future orders and you will get it at the cheapest price possible.

So far after a month of trying this product, I have not experienced any ill side effects. The benefits of my improved digestion, controlled appetite, extra energy and decreased dependency on diet coke have been  amazing... oh yeah and I lost weight and inches! Check out the next post for the pictures that show a slight difference in my tummy region after 1 month of Plexus Slim.

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