Friday, July 27, 2012

To count calories or not ... That is my burning question

So, if you have been around me for the past <idk> 5 or so years you will know that one of my biggest struggles with loosing weight is becoming overly obsessed with counting calories, exercising, etc. 

For you that might be fine and healthy but for me it is not. It's why I haven't lost or gained weight over the past 5 years because that kind of obsessive (and yes I mean OBSESSIVE) focus is not a healthy path for me. So upon my doctor's instructions, I have been trying to just listen to my body's signals and stop eating when full and avoid the foods that make me sick (except that it's almost every food- so at this point- stomach aches are the new normal). It has worked out okay for maintaining my weight.

I know... some of you are screaming "COP OUT!!!!" 
It sure sounds that way and I don't blame you. That is probably what I would say if I were skinny and able to sit a place of judgement over a fat person, or an alcoholic, or a drug user or any person with an addiction that altered their appearance in a negative way and would most likely shorten their lives. 

However, I was really just biding my time until I could get weight loss surgery. That's what I came to realize at least when I found out my insurance wouldn't cover anything related to weight loss (idiots). I realized that I cannot just sit back and be a fat person for the next 50 years. GOD PLEASE!!!!!!! Don't let that be my fate...

So the question is, how far is too far? Is there moderation in loosing weight? 
I am hoping to achieve this via Plexus Slim. I know that just by drinking the drink and taking the accelerator pill in the morning that I will continue to lose inches and pounds even if I do nothing else because the P.S. is helping me suppress my appetite and control my cravings for sugar. However, if I just do the minimum, I will lose weight at a much slower rate than if I were to actually put some effort into the process. 

For example:
The first 2 weeks I was on Plexus Slim, I went for 1 walk and 1 swim. I tracked my calories for most of the 2 weeks and tried to stay within a range of 1800 calories. I lost 8 pounds. It was very easy and painless.
The second 2 weeks I was on Plexus Slim I went out of town twice and ate whatever I wanted (just less than normal due to Plexus Slim aiding in suppressing my appetite). I didn't gain and I didn't lose.

So now I am back to trying to put a bit of effort into the process because I would love to lose more weight before I go back to work (I'm a teacher) on August 20th. I like the fact that with Plexus Slim, if I do choose to take a break from the focused effort to lose weight, I can do so without worrying about gaining back everything that I have lost. That helps me keep up with that moderation mind set. As well, even when I was putting more effort into the process during the first 2 weeks, I wasn't jumping into obsessive land. 1 mile of walking in 2 weeks is not working out at the gym 3 times a day and running a race every weekend. I am not even close to slipping into old habits that I can't maintain. 

So my question is... do I track calories or not? I guess my answer to myself is this... track those calories. It's okay to know what you are putting into your body on an overall basis... it's not okay to weigh every ounce of everything you put into your mouth. See, I do understand moderation... really I do. 

So I am using this great app called "my net diary (pro)". It's awesome.. you can scan bar codes of the food packages you are eating and it will pull up that food. It's makes tracking calories very easy. You can also track exercise and weight loss. 

I am also reverting to some fail safe tricks that I learned in my many years of weight loss. Last night I posted about Cous Cous! Great stuff.... very low cal and fills you up. 

Today I ate another fail safe for breakfast. It's a bagel with cream cheese and canadian bacon. It's very yummy and because canadian bacon is such a low cal food it keeps the calories down even though I am eating it with higher calorie products such as the bagel and cream cheese. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a slice of tomato. I can't believe I forgot tomato!!!! It's a very filling meal and has some protein and dairy mixed in. I included screen shots of my net diary with breakfast calculated along with a picture of my breakfast sandwich for your viewing pleasure. 

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