Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fatty McKatty says "no ice cream for you!"

So I'm not at all hungry but I'm thinking "ice cream sure sounds good..."

Yeah... Kitty disagreed. Right as I was going to lazily exit my recliner my big old fatty mckatty jumped up and got in my face. I think he was saying, "Hey Fatty, there is only room for one plus sized sexy beast in this family and that beast is me. So back off the ice cream thunder thighs!" ...or maybe he just wanted extra lovins... Who knows? Either way, between the 200 lb cat on my chest and the plexus slim working it's magic I decided that I really didn't want the ice cream anyhow. Score 1 for thunder thighs!
Check out fatty McKatty giving me the "back off the ice cream" stink eye.

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